That was then, this is now!

How do you see yourself?  Is it the beautiful you that God created?  Or is it an image held from the past?  Perhaps highschool or college?   The other day I heard an interesting conversation between two young men, talking about the things men talk about.  One man tells the other of how he was at a basketball game and there were 3 beautiful girls, triplets, taking pictures with various guys as many of them wanted a photo with them.  He said, ” They looked good and they knew it”    Then I heard a very interesting comment.  The other man responded, “Yeah, that’s why I like the ones who don’t know, the ones that were’nt that pretty in highschool and blossomed later.  They do not know how pretty they are.  You can tell them to lose weight or whatever, they believe you and do what you say”  Wow.  How many of us are still carrying an image from the past?   Do we see the  image based on what someone said about us as a child or a comment made by a loved one? 

The psalmist said, ” We are fearfully and wonderfully made”!   Yet there are many of us who are  looking in a dark mirror of low self-esteem.  Not seeing  ourselves as an awesome creation of beauty, unique and special to show forth God’s glory.  True, I was snooping  on their conversation.  However it  encouraged me to take a look at myself.  What past images are influencing the way I behave or impacting the way I see myself?  Am I allowing the media, fashion magazines or the comments of friends to alter my personal growth?    Take inventory!   You are a child of the Most High God!  If you find that there is need for improvement then it is your choice to make.  Not that of your spouse, boyfriend, mother, father or your best friend Susie.  Be empowered to go for the best you that You want to be!  See that person in your mind’s eye and go after it!  As a man (or woman) thinks, so it will be in reality.

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