Celebrate not denigrate!

As sex and the female body  is used to market everything from soda to shoes, it is having an alarming effect on the self-esteem  of woman and girls.  Research in psychology and academia show that disordered eating, depression and substance abuse  is found to be a result of sexual objectification in the media, culture and music. 

Our desire is to provide an alternative.  Our goal is to celebrate the successes of women, not related to their appearance.  Our desire is encourage girls to see themselves as important citizens of the human community without striving to meet the demands of fashion and gender bias that is directed at them through television and magazines.  Images effect how we think, how we feel and how our culture learns what behaviour is considered acceptable is by what is constantly repeated thus,  seen as truth.  What do we propose to do?  What will be an effective counter offensive to the onslaught? 

More to come…….

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