Happy 2013!

It’s been a long time and I am happy to be back!  There are so many new things on the horizon for So Beautiful Ministries.  I look forward to your feedback as our goal is to encourage and inspire you from the inside, out!

I was recently asked what does my title “Beauty Evangelist” mean?  It is not a title as much as a function.    According to Merriam-Webster;:

Definition of EVANGELIST

1 often capitalized : a writer of any of the four Gospels
2 : a person who evangelizes; specifically : a Protestant minister or layman who preaches at special services
3 : an enthusiastic advocate <an evangelist for physical fitness>
No. 3 best describes what I am about: An enthusiastic advocate for Christ with a message that involves encouraging women and girls to realize their personal best.  Yes, I love the LORD and HE is a big part of what I do but this is not a religious site.  You’ll see!


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