Beauty 101

ImageOver the next few weeks I will be sharing some insights from an inspiration that I received sometime ago.  The concepts of which I felt I needed to “walk out” personally before releasing.  This journey began with reading the Holy Bible, the Book of Esther.  It is the story of a young jewess living in a heathen kingdom whose life is dramatically changed and that change impacts the entire kingdom.

As many of you may know this particular story, it has a very intriguing aspect in respect to our theme; beauty.  This beauty goes beyond the physical kind.  It is higher, deeper, spiritual.  There is a “Spa Day” that lasts 12 months yet the treatments appear to be more than topical applications.  I encourage you to read this story again or for some, for the 1st time.    The objective?  As I have said before, my desire is to inspire you to your highest and best in Him.  Share your thoughts with me.  I hope this will be an enjoyable and insightful journey.

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