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In the beginning of the Book of Esther, we are told that a huge party is being planned by the King to display the riches of his kingdom. After much merriment, the King requests to also have his Queen displayed for she was very beautiful. She refuses. This action is what causes her to be replaced by another”more suitable than she”. The Bible scripture “Many are called but few are chosen” comes to mind. This scriptural theme continues throughout this Bible story. As we have read, many maidens are called to replace the Queen. All are brought to the palace and given the same beauty treatments, cosmetics and food. Yet only one maiden is chosen to be Queen, Esther.

As children of the King, The Most High God, we are all called to live in the fullness of His Kingdom. We have accepted His supreme gift; His Son , the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in the word of God concerning Christ and the abundant life that He came to provide for us. However, like the maidens in the Book of Esther, we are in the city. We have been brought to the palace court but that is as far as we’ve come. We have yet to walk in the fullness of Christ promised to us.

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