Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!

We are in the Palace Court.  Are we prepared to go before the King?

In the Book of Esther, the maidens were prepared for 12 months.  6 months of myrrh for purification, 6 months of cosmetics and spices.  If the King chose a maiden she would become Queen and move into her future, to walk as the Bride in the Kingdom.  All things were made available to her.  If the King did not find favor with the maiden, she would be sent to the house of the concubines and would not be intimately involved with the King unless he called for her by name.  In the midst of this preparation, Hegai favored Esther and placed her in the best apartment in the palace.  He assigned to her seven maidens to assist her.  These maidens worked under Hegai, the King’s Chamberlain and they were well informed of the King’s likes and dislikes.

We have the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of the Lord has favored us.   We have been recognized as those who are seeking to know The LORD and to discover our Highest in Him.  The seven maidens assigned to us are of the sevenfold ministry of the Holy Spirit.  In Isaiah 11:2, the scripture says, The Spirit of The Lord shall rest upon him; (1) the spirit of wisdom and (2) understanding, (3) the spirit of counsel and (4) of power, (5) the spirit of knowledge, (6) obedience and (7) reverential fear of The LORD.

The inspiration is clear.  We are favored as children of the Most High.  We have the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of The Lord.  Like Hegai, the Holy Spirit has set us up to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  The seven maidens were assigned to Esther to prepare and guide her into the ways of the King.  For us, the seven that guide us are within the Holy Spirit.  Dwelling within us is wisdom and understanding, counsel to make the right choices, power and strength to endure as we grow, ability to be obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and above all, honor and esteem of The LORD.

Now we are ready.  What is to follow in the coming weeks, are ten tenets that I was inspired to aspire to as I sought The LORD.  I will share on one principle each week.  I am still growing in them; however I have experienced awesome changes in my life as I have followed these principles.  These tenets are the myrrh, cosmetics and spices of Esther’s preparation.  Yet they lie within our hearts.

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