Looking Out For Number One!

GodScience_m_0918In previous posts, we have been looking at the spiritual nuggets found in the Book of Esther. I mentioned a revelation that I received from my personal study that revealed 10 tenets or guideposts that relate to increase in every area of our lives. The 1st of these tenets is prayer. What is prayer? Many of us grew up with “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep”… which was a great start. However prayer in its simplest form is communication with our Heavenly Father. There is no special format or keywords to use. Well maybe, but more about that later. Truly, it is no different than speaking to your best friend or trusted confidante. There is one caveat to the previous statement. You must come to God with a humble heart. You must believe that HE is God and that HE rewards those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).. Why is prayer so important? When we pray we put our thoughts, wishes and desires into focus. The Holy Spirit within us helps crystalize these thoughts and desires. As these prayers are brought forward from our hearts unto God, the Holy Spirit may inspire us with scriptures that speak to us or ideas that create solutions to problems or my favorite, remind us of the love of God and His ever present help (Psalm 46).

Consistent communication in prayer brings results. This is why it is the 1st tenet. It is the recognition that we have a relationship with God that helps us to know Him and His voice in our hearts. When we know His voice we receive His guidance and we know we are not alone.

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