Throw Your Hands In The Air And Wave Them Like You Just Don’t Care!

pimagesCAH4ZE7ELet us look at the 2nd guidepost on our path to increase: Praise.
The very word speaks of the connection to our 1st tenet, prayer. Praise is a p(rayer) raise(d) high in song, dance, or simply a word of thanksgiving unto God. How often do we set time aside in our day to be thankful? While driving your car or riding the bus or subway to work or school, are you giving thanks? Maybe, maybe not. On the other hand, how many times in a day do you worry? Worry about arriving on time for work or class? Worry about having enough money for weekly expenses? Worry about you or your loved one’s health? The list goes on and on. It seems there is always time available to worry about something. According to WebMD; excessive worry leads to:
• Digestive disorders
• Muscle tension
• Short-term memory loss
• Premature coronary artery disease
• Heart attack
Praise is the flu shot for the worry sickness! In the previous post, we have seen how prayer changes the function of our brains and increases our focus. Imagine that dynamic multiplied in praise! Praise takes us higher. It elevates your spirit, the You of you. Take a moment right now and give thanks to God for being alive, for your ability to breathe air, to feel the sun on your face. Think about the smile of your child or someone that you love. Thank God for them! This is what praise is all about. For those few moments of thanksgiving, your heart shifted to a higher place, above your present circumstances. Imagine stretching those moments to several times a day. How different do you think your life would be if you lived with a song in your heart? Praise can be a secret melody in your heart to The Lord. A song only you know, because only you know how The Lord has helped you in time of need.

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