Praise is powerful.  In my personal experience, Light has flooded the darkness that existed in my life because of the power of thanksgiving.  I am often asked “why are you so happy all the time”?  I have issues and concerns, just like many of you.  However, prayer has opened a door of communication.    Instead of last minute “help me Jesus” prayers, I have a relationship that is ongoing.  My spirit is guided daily because I am actively listening for the voice of The Lord and it is my willingness to hear that has allowed me to receive insight or encouragement for the day.  Through praise, I have developed an ability to “beam up’ to the Heavenly Starship (for all you ‘Trekkies’ out there)!  When the storms come or situations are too complex to handle, praise and worship is your travel pass to the heavenly realms, where the answers are.  The key is in the action, the ‘do-ing’ makes it real for you. 

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