Practice Makes Perfect

istill magesCASK6B2RWe have traveled the path for a few steps now and hopefully we are releasing the power within by our attention to them. Prayer, Praise and Purity are not new concepts but it is our attention to things that make them real for us. Practicing the Presence of God is our 4th tenet or beauty treatment. Several years ago I was exposed to a book by the same name, written by Brother Lawrence, who was a cook in a Jesuit monastery in the 1600’s. In the process of time, I found this activity to be at the heart of what it means to seek the Lord. This practice brings life to our journey.
Have you ever set out to learn something new that required practice to achieve some level of mastery? Do you remember how your skills increased as you practiced? Our attention to prayer, praise and purity is developing a skill set. To what end? It is to grow in our relationship with The Lord and in the fullness of Christ in our lives. This is the practice of growing in intimacy with the One who loves us.

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