“Beauty is the gift of God”. Aristotle

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In the Walk of the Bride in the Kingdom of God, the 10 tenets or Beauty treatments are significant in themselves, to bring us into greater intimacy with God. These tenets assist us in defining what it means to have a relationship with God through Christ.

“But I buffet my body, and bring it into bondage: lest by any means, after that I have preached to others, I myself should be rejected”.
1 Corinthians 9:27

I have observed how fasting enhances spiritual awareness during this practice of “walking as the Bride”. This spiritual awareness led to discernment or insights that were previously unknown. In my personal experience, I found that including fasting in the beginning of this practice gave me a deeper understanding in my Bible study, better sleep and surprisingly, health issues were uncovered that had been masked or ignored, which allowed me to make changes that saved my life!
I encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you seek to fast as it will be the Great Physician who prescribes it.
This is where I must pause. The Lord has brought me this far and I have shared what He has given me to proclaim. It is now time for you, the reader to discover for yourself. That is, if you haven’t begun already! I anticipate a new direction in 2015, so I will take leave of you until then.
I would like to thank all of you who visited and I truly appreciated your comments and “likes”.

I would like to especially thank the readers in 3 particular countries who faithfully visited which encouraged me so much!
Brazil; Obrigada!
Italy: Grazie!
Philippines: Salamat!

“The Lord bless you
and keep you;
The Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
The Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”

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