Is the devil in your flesh?

Cellulite is of the devil!

Lol! I know many women have felt this way before! I know I have! Cellulite is truly a curse for some of us, while some women have no traces of this orange peel flesh on their thighs and buttocks. Yet.

Thanks to the Beauty Inside Out process, I have been able to transition from obese to better(losing 40 lbs in the past year) and keeping it off! Nevertheless,I quickly realized that I needed help in transforming my body and skin after being overweight for 10 years. Fat stretches your skin out=loose, saggy, flesh!

Yoga and cardio training such as treadmill, jogging or spinning, has helped me tone my body as well as improve my posture. Yoga is a major contributor in terms of increased flexibility and it has assisted in lowering my previous condition of high blood pressure.

However, the cellulite remained.

Thankfully, a colleague was working with a new product in her beauty business and introduced me to It Works Global. The IWG brand provides an exclusive line of plant based firming, toning products for face and body. The product that I have seen the most success with in terms of cellulite is the Body Contouring Gel.
*Body wraps and Defining Gel used

There are other factors involved such as drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods. Yet for pure motivation, used daily the Defining Gel starts working so quickly, that it motivates you to eat better and exercise because you will see results! Aside from my personal use, this product is one of my top sellers every month! Clients love it! Even my skinny girls! Yes, skinny girls need love too.

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