Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.. The Grinch

As I set out to enjoy the beginnings of my Holiday vacation, I started thinking of all the stress and sometimes loneliness that this time of year often brings. So many people have lost loved ones this year in the news and in our own social circles. Stress is at its height with “terror watches” and everything else Cable news can scare us with!

Yet on the other side of it, there is something more. As commercial as the Christmas season has become and in light of the fact this is not literally Christ’s birthday, our Heavenly Father turns even this for our good. The spirit of giving is abound! Hidden in the pleas to “Buy this” every 30 seconds, everywhere, the masses are thinking of giving. Regardless of religious affiliation, we are conscious of the concept of giving to others instead of ourselves.
The Holiday movie that encourages that spirit most for me since babyhood has been Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch that Stole Christmas cartoon(1966). I encourage you to take a look! You are beyond saving if it does not warm your heart!

God bless us. Everyone.


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