Cherish the day!

Love your life! It’s the only one you’ve got.

So many of us wish we had more or lived better or made other choices for our lives. Yet I am finding that life builds on itself by our awareness of the life we are living!
By taking an account of what we have experienced or done thus far and reviewing periodically, we will discover a pattern. Just as the spider spins her web, we too are creating within the matrix of the world in which we currently reside.

By this review, we see where we may be repeating steps-is this for our good or have we failed to assess the reoccurrence? Why? I have been surprised at times to find I did not remember until reviewing,” Girl, you have been Here before!
This day, make an assessment of where you are now. Not to judge but to see. Write down what you notice about it, how you feel about what you see.
Then take a moment to commune with your Higher Self.

Be encouraged!

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