“The best things in life are clean living, good works and big sapphires”… Lauren Bacall

Non- toxic living became an interest of mine when I was diagnosed a few years ago with Hypertension. I was already actively working on stress reduction and mindfulness, yet somehow my body was not fully engaged, to the point I was prescribed medicine to lower my blood pressure. It was here I realized that, again, everything good for us begins from the inside out!

I decided to go a little deeper and look for what else was bugging me!

1st, what am I eating? Reducing salt was not enough, besides salt is in everything! The answer is another question. Why am I eating? Stress is often assuaged by crispy, crunchy salty, sweet things. It’s a great idea to be mindful of what is available in your house to eat. Still feed a craving if necessary but I found having unsalted nuts, hummus, celery, even organic popcorn can be a tasty replacement to Ben n’ Jerry’s or Lay’s Classic!

Housecleaning Products. In our 2020 world, we are spending more time at home, breathing filtered air. Household dust has been found to contain many hundreds of disease causing bacteria. Plus the toxic chemicals that we use to kill bacteria attributes to many diseases related to poor immune and respiratory health. Without going through a long diatribe, let me say, I cannot put into words the joy of cleaning an entire bathroom and not coughing once!

Try one nontoxic cleaning product at a time and enjoy the difference. Or be like me and throw out everything chemical in your cupboards that could potentially kill you or someone you love!

And last, ( the list could go on but you’re smart enough to go beyond my 2 cents) mind your mind. Check in with yourself daily. I have found that literally asking myself, “Madame, how are you doing today girl”, has a preemptive effect on the emotional going’s on of the day. Knowing how I’m feeling gives me the advantage when I make contact with people who may not be checked in at all! I’m able to hear them and not take it personally.

99% of the time the dramas in our day have nothing to do with us personally, but we get triggered!

Say hi to yourself, it’s appreciated.

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