To be or Not to be…Fat

I had dental surgery yesterday. It went well. However, after it was over I decided to take a selfie to see if my face had swollen. Maybe a little, but whoa what happened to the rest of me?!

Quarantine definitely took its toll on my figure. I allowed it. Uber delivery and cooking shows played their part as well! Staying at home shifted my typical safeguards such as dressing for work. You can know things are amiss by that slow zipper or the unflattering butt cup in your skirts. Ahh, but alas I’ve been in sweatpants and loungewear for 60 days!

Emotional eating is a disease. It means you are not at ease within your body. I have decided to take back my emotions!

I have to change my environment from within.

Wellness Wednesday begins with a return to Intermittent Fasting along with a moderately Keto meal plan! Moderately, because some keto food no no’s are a nonstarter for me. Like why would I give up rice? It goes with everything!

Long story short, I have been handling my emotional worries of late by feeding them.

No matter what is going on in the world, taking care of yourself is the best way to provide consistency in life. If your fit is off, so goes your ability to overcome the storms of life that may come your way.

Wish me luck!

Please forward any tips that have worked for you. Beaches are opening up and I do not wish to be a candidate for Miss Florida Manatee 2020!

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