Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. Langston Hughes

We are where we are supposed to be. We are here to establish and make way for a new road ahead.

Dreams are funny. Our minds can create amazing things during the night. Our dreams can be frightening, or a satisfying emotional experience that elicits tears of joy.

Day dreams are different.

So far, this 1st half of 2020 has allowed time for many musings in my mind’s eye. You too? Well, a few have resurfaced after I am sound asleep, without the Netflix prompt “Would you like to continue watching”?

Apparently this is a program in the Matrix. Before you decide I’ve gone woo woo, suspend your disbelief and ascend for a moment into my mystical cloud. We have been so wound up in the lives that we are living, good or ill, on this planet, that we would miss a planetary shift even if it dropped from the sky and popped us in the head! We’ve been ‘chicken little’d by political games, government ministrations and held captive by the endless distractions of our technological society for so long that perhaps 2020 is itself a necessary shift in reality from the world that we have come to accept.

Back to day dreams….

Where has your mind been taking you?
Personally, I have been drifting to the past, such as childhood experiences and things I had forgotten or situations I may have buried in my subconscious because my child mind could not understand them or perhaps so painfully understood that I hid them away. As these thoughts have found me in my dreams at night, I realized something. My mind had made a shift. The quarantine and the changes that followed has caused my brain to recalibrate.

We Are fearfully and wonderfully made.

These thoughts and dreams are perhaps a forerunner of a universal shift. A shift in the human species. For myself, I see that many of my choices in life have been influenced by what I did not fully understand. 2020 has been a tough time, as I have experienced loss and sadness like many people around the world. However, this time is also the right time. There are dreams and hopes buried beneath the snow. Had it not been for the full stop of the world as we’ve come to know it, we may have gone another 400 years in the dark.

Or am I having a delayed chemical response due to 60 days of minimal outdoor activity and waaay too many carbs?

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