Get over it!

Finally, I have some momentum going for feeling good!
I wasn’t depressed per se but definitely unhappy with the fact that now that we can go out again, I can’t fit anything cute!
Long and flowing is my style of the hour- hides my belly.

It’s not as if I didn’t see my belly getting round. Realizing that life as we know it is going to be very different, for awhile, well it took me awhile to stomach the facts! Ha ha…and it appears I did just that. You know we have two brains right? One in our head and the other in our belly. I’ll save that discussion for another topic.

So I had to snap out of it because all that worrying about being heavy was weighing me down! So Beautiful Ministries International is here to help you discover beauty from the inside. Or at the least give a tap to your noggin, as the answer is always inside of us. I had to remind myself that I’m still in control of my physical world; mind & body. All of the wellness topics I’ve written about over the years, alas I remembered them!

One topic in particular is Intermittent Fasting. IF is a simple way to drop the physical heaviness without the stress of dieting. There are several options but my favorite and the easiest on my female hormones is 14:10. That’s 14 hours fasting with a 10 hour eating window. This system of eating will actually help curb your appetite while increasing your fat burning. There are so many great articles on Intermittent Fasting out there. You are sure to find the eating style that works and you’ll feel better. Especially if you’ve been struggling with feeding your emotions like me.

We are in this world together. This message is to remind you that, yes this is a very unusual time, unlike any other that we have experienced but we have control over our thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Even when or if we let our emotions get out of hand, we have the power to change.

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