“The mind is like a fertile garden in which anything that is planted, flowers or weeds, will grow.” Bruce Lee

One of my favorite actors growing up and who I consider to be the best martial artist of all time, was Bruce Lee. Unique. A trailblazer. I felt I was part of a very special club because I share my birthday, 11/27 with him and Jimi Hendrix, The American Guitar Player/Rock Star. Both of these men left an indelible mark on this world.

I, too desire to leave a legacy. One person at a time.

Let’s talk shop.
In my capacity as a Well- Being Advocate and Aromatherapist, my desire is to be a channel of love, light and healing by the Holy Spirit unto others. I have this thing, I feel I can discern the spiritual and emotional health of others. Or the lack of it. It’s actually tiring at times because I can be out having a great time and all of a sudden feel an unexpected heaviness for no reason that I am personally aware of. Only to find out later that someone in my environment had something going on spiritually or emotionally in their life. Finding out later is usually due to the fact that I don’t want to know other people’s business! I have always been a pretty private person. Plus I’m trying to keep it moving in my own lane! As Spirit would have it, you can run but you can’t hide. I have researched this subject and I realize I am not alone. Nonetheless, I have found that if one who has this sense does nothing with it, it can definitely feel like a burden.

Another aspect I had to consider, is that of the wounded healer. I must say I’ve had more than my share of spiritual and emotional upheavals. If there was a curriculum for the journey it would be a double doctorate with a minor in “why me”?

Finally, I had reached a place in my life where I figured out it was training and I told The Lord I was on board, I mean, if this was His best option and all. I can honestly say that this is when my life began to transform, from the inside out. This transformation has continued because I have decided to flow with Spirit’s desire to help people live well spiritually, physically and emotionally. Frankly, it is a selfish reason, partly because going with the flow has made my life easier and it feels good to be a part of something greater. Seeing or hearing that something I said or did made a difference for someone else is a great feeling.

I know what the transformative ability of natural healing and the power of prayer has done for me. I want you to know that it is for this reason that I am here.

Of course, I will continue to blog about things that sometimes may appear to be out of left field, but I’m a Sagittarius, okay?!

Thank you. I’m glad you are here.

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