“If forgiveness is medicine for the soul, then gratitude is vitamins”. Steve Maraboli

Now is the perfect time to reassess how we are caring for ourselves and our families with the so-called surge of COVID-19 cases on the rise, especially here in the U.S.!

Many health professionals had hoped that the summer heat would dry up the virus potential to spread but apparently the virus has made other plans! Besides, I think we were all a little too ready to break out of the recommended stay at home orders which resulted in too much social togetherness, too soon. I have to admit, I was so excited to go shopping and dining with friends last weekend. Unfortunately it seems as if people had forgotten the purpose for staying safe at home in the 1st place- to stave off infection!

What is my proposed safe strategy?
Vitamin D, disinfecting wipes, outdoor exercise and shopping online!

I was introduced to an online wellness company a couple of years ago when I began my nontoxic lifestyle. I buy all my essential oils from them as they are very high quality with a great price point. When the virus showed up in January ‘20, being a member was a life saver as I could conveniently order from their website all of my healthy supplies and have them delivered to my door, and no representatives coming to my home! Pretty soon, I started taking requests from my family and friends too. This I loved to do because purchase totals are rewarded with shopping dollars! Yes, I’m a very smart shopper indeed.

Now, I have regular customers who are shopping with me for Vitamin D, supplements for the immune system, plant based household cleaners, botanical disinfecting wipes, even organic coffee and snacks -all through a home delivery system, similar to Amazon.
I am hoping to continue to grow in this business because it gives me more opportunities to work with my healing practice clientele. I never thought I would ever be looking to do business at home but here we are, living in the new normal!

What strategies are you considering for yourself?

What’s going to bolster your health and support your well-being in the new normal?

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