Unbelief is safe, because it takes no risk and almost always gets what it expects. – Bill Johnson

There are many faiths or spiritual belief systems. I ascribe to faith in God, the Supreme Being or Source. My own personal experience and what I have personally observed, has confirmed the existence of an Other, beyond myself. The observer influences the nature of what is being observed, according to quantum physics. Our thoughts impact our reality. Philosophers and sages far greater than I, attest to this truth, that thoughts are indeed the stuff of which “things” are created. Yet what is the force behind this ability to create?

Discovering Beauty from the inside out comes to be as one becomes aware and therefore intimate with that force, the Spirit within. This intimacy is not based on blind belief. You cannot have a relationship without someone or something and a corresponding action. There is much disinterest in religious life today because of a perceived lack of relationship with the one worshipped.

When I began to chronicle this journey in 2014, I described a path that led me to intimacy with God, deeper than anything I had known in religious life. My spiritual life changed. I began to experience significant growth in many areas of my life. The light inside began to shine through! Unfortunately, I got ahead of myself. I became entangled with unresolved fears and emotions from my childhood past. In hindsight, the falling away may very well have been a part of the process. Where am I going with this?

I returned to these writings recently as if you’ve been with me all along. Although my interests in wellness and beauty are known, my philosophy may not be as clearly understood, especially if you are new to this blog. I so appreciate the new readers who follow this blog. It is my desire to be transparent and share what I have learned. It is a ministry of beauty. Beauty, as in complete, balanced. A totality of well-being. My life has improved in so many ways and continues to get better. My desire is to impart this light and life to you. As such, I felt it was important to write this refresher post to provide a bit of history.

Faith is the first step. Believing there is more available, beyond what we see.

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