“And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul”. John Muir

“Well-being is the basis of the universe. Well-being is the basis of all that is. It flows to you and through you. You have only to allow it. Like the air you breathe, you have only to open, relax and draw it into your being”. Abraham-Hicks, Ask and It Is Given.

The study of spirituality is an extremely diverse subject. Or so you might think. Actually spirituality is the expression of Spirit through many different cultures and personal experiences. There is one stream of well-being but a variety of guides on how to get there. It would be fair to assume then, the best case for connecting to well-being, is from inside yourself.

In Australia, Aboriginal adolescent males were once sent out into the wilderness as a rite of passage into manhood. It was also a spiritual transition whereby connecting with the land and nature, a young man could experience “Dreamtime” an Aboriginal philosophy of the origins of the universe. It describes how their ancestral spirits progressed over the land, creating life and the natural world. This was an opportunity for the walker to find himself and his way, through a vast wilderness presumably under the guidance of Spirit.

Those who seek refreshment from the stream of well-being would do well to embark on a spiritual walk about, from the inside out.

One of the reasons I am a strong proponent of aromatherapy is because of the ability of plant essences to reach us on a spiritual and emotional level. Nature in a bottle. Most of us do not have the ability or wherewithal to journey into the physical wilderness but anyone can experience a journey into the mind through meditation and prayer. The plant essences once inhaled, go to the far reaches of the brain where memories are locked away and the emotions that have been suppressed, are coaxed to the surface where they can be accessed by the conscious mind.

We are not playing doctor with our psyche, however. Spirit is always present. Especially in prayer, to help guide and support us in our discovery. This is where trust becomes of utmost importance. Yet even in this, Spirit has got us covered. The key is communicating, within yourself. You will sense the presence that says “I Am With You”.

In my personal opinion, the best part of the spiritual walk about is you’re not alone. In my experience, sometimes carried, sometimes walking alongside, other times, simply holding my hand. I learned to trust the guidance I received in prayer and meditation. Tiny steps, leaps, every now and then a crawl but always supported, never rushed to the next step.

I had a minister tell me once, “It is safe to trust in Jesus”. I eventually discovered for myself that it is safe to trust in The Lord. In Spirit. The Lover of my soul.

Be blessed.


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