The main reason for healing is love. Paracelsus

Hello Juniper Berry!

Every Monday, I choose an essential oil or create a blend to use in meditation and prayer. #MeditationMonday. This week’s choice of Juniper Berry seemed to present itself out of the *blue! (*Juniper berries are blue,corny but appropriate). It fits right in with our times as I will share momentarily. Why the Monday ritual? Monday morning was once a major struggle for me, I’d say since kindergarten! My mother, grandmother and nanny, Mrs. Green, would share stories of my temper tantrums, nervous breakdowns and the mysterious illnesses that would befall me on Monday at the chime of the alarm clock. It wasn’t that I hated school, it was the control that I despised!

The rule of Monday.

For me, it was the end of leisure and the beginning of the never ending societal structure of conformity! Yes, I had a real problem. In hindsight, I believe it began with the use of an alarm clock. I was given a beautiful red alarm clock with brass bells on top as a gift for the start of 1st grade. That x#%£*@‘ thing clanged like crazy! No matter how many times I dropped it, hid it behind furniture or left it at sleepovers, that darn clock always showed up on my nightstand every Sunday night. My happiest moment of awakening to Spirit and the power of the subconscious self was the ability to awaken at the time that I specified , without the aid of an alarm clock! In the book, Secret of the Ages, the author describes how he used his mind or as he called them, his “mental brownies” to awaken him when he needed or to help him find lost objects, like his keys, letters etc.. He would give his mind the specific command and go on about his day, confident that it would be as he requested. I never quite understood why he used the term brownies. A reference to the industrious little members of the American Girl Scout’s perhaps? Nevertheless, no longer requiring the use of an alarm clock was a life changing step. I still hated Monday. However, it was 100 percent less stressful waking myself! Once I began to practice meditation and prayer, I found a peacefulness that I realized would be useful in helping me get over my Monday sickness. Apparently millions feel as I do, considering how often the meditation Monday hashtag is used.

So what about Juniper Berry? I’m glad you asked! I am a talker, you have to catch me sometimes or I’ll go clear ’round the subject at hand! My decision making process is typically placing my hands on the tops of the many essential oil bottles in my case, to see what I am energetically drawn to for meditation. Interestingly this time, no sooner than I touched the flap of my essential oil chest, JUNIPER BERRY popped into my head. Usually I create a blend but after I took a quick sniff from the bottle, I felt this oil would be powerful on its own. Juniper Berry is balsamic and slightly sweet. The berries from the Juniper tree are often used in flavorings. It is the particular flavor found in gin. What I noticed and what my fellow meditators conveyed, was a feeling of grounding. We collectively noticed a calm protective energy during our meditative work with this singular aroma. As I tend not to receive feedback so immediately on Meditation Monday, I felt this experience demanded a bit more study.

Apparently Juniper Berry was used frequently among the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, from Hippocrates to Dioscorides, as a cure for many ailments. Most notably for me was it’s uses for building immunity, clearing negative energy and as a fumigant. These are useful supports for today, wouldn’t you agree? I discovered that Juniper Berry’s properties as a fumigant were used prominently during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic in hospitals to prevent airborne infections from spreading. Amazing! Also up until recent years, Juniper twigs along with Rosemary leaves were burned in the hospital wards of France.

Isn’t Aromatherapy fascinating? We can support our physical and emotional wellness through nature. Healing is always available to us. It takes some looking into but it is, I think, intelligently designed for all of us to discover health and beauty from the inside out.

Are you interested in experiencing essential oils for yourself?

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Please email me at with your questions! I am happy to help you get started on your personal path to happiness and well-being!

Be blessed!

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