“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” Paracelsus

The art of well-being is a fascinating subject. It is certainly an art, for crafting a healthy balance in every area of life is something that must be practiced and studied, yet it has a different expression for each individual practitioner. Of course there are the basic requirements to maintain a healthy body, such as sleep, water, nutrients, sunshine and exercise but even these have varying degrees depending on the needs of one’s particular personal constitution.

Even in terms of what we seek after as a must have in life, well-being will never be attained by a singular desire fulfilled. Be it riches or fame, good health, love, to have children or leave a legacy of some kind upon the earth, balance is required if one is to be happy or complete. There are histories of men and women who achieved great things but their lives proved painful or destructive because they lacked consistency in emotional and spiritual wellness. Our lives depend on this correspondence within.

I have experienced this in my life many times, especially in my youth. My dogged determination to achieve a thing, only to find that the achievement was without mirth. So I would add to it, a relationship, a car, a trip to some place I had dreamed of visiting. Only to lose interest in everything because nothing was “hitting right” as some say. Stress and eventually illness crossed my path and the only direction I had available was inward. I wish I had traveled there sooner but I suppose the outward journey was necessary. Many people are like this, oblivious to the higher things until the Higher things are the last resort. Don’t wait until then.

These are extraordinary times and there is immense opportunity to travel inward. If you live in the United States, interstate or intrastate is about as far as you can go (Imagine that, Americans under international travel restrictions)! All the more reason to spend time with yourself, with your families and loved ones. There is change on the horizon, bigger than political upheavals and public health crises. This change will require awakened hearts and minds of which today’s “woke” generation has not a clue.

It begins inside.

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