“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”. Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Soup Face. Jorge Chamorro

Clean Eating is an endeavor that is more challenging than I had expected.

From April 2020 until now-the early days of August, I had not given much thought to the foods I have chosen to eat. It was pretty much based on availability, tastiness and whether or not I had to actually cook it myself. Initially, I did cook most of my meals during the lockdown but the shift in daily activity (or lack of it) created a need for entertainment. Ordering out and cooking interesting dishes became a way to take my mind off of, well you know, all the worries and bad news of the day. I was so impressed with myself and so were a few others who had the opportunity to partake of my independent woman turned Suzy Homemaker transformation. It was a side of myself I enjoyed but now I remember why I have avoided cooking. I enjoy eating my cooking a little too much! Especially if I’m entertaining. COVID-19 or not certain people always found a way to come around just in time for dinner!

Now, I have to tackle dining in sensibly because of the extra pounds I’ve packed on. I am finding it’s not so bad. However, Clean Eating means foods that are not processed. That means fresh. Which also means, chopping, peeling and reading labels. Oh boy! I’ve decided to work my way into it, some fresh, some frozen and I have to say I feel really good and it’s only been a few days!

Broiling and baking is easy on the calories. Olive oil and spices make a tasty difference. Frozen vegetables can work, as long as you read the labels. Watch out for high levels of sodium! Bird’s Eye brand has cauliflower in so many interesting ways, like the riced cauliflower shown in the picture. It can to be microwaved or stovetop. I cooked it in vegetable broth to give it that “home cooked” flavor.

Not to mention choosing an exceptional wine with dinner. However, I realize I’ll have to monitor the wine pairings as I don’t want to replace one vice with another. Besides that, sugar is abundantly present in most wines. Nonetheless, a good wine makes a clean eating meal dine like a feast!

We live and we learn.

The next step is exercise. I am not quite ready to go back to the gym as I live in Florida and I can’t help but imagine all the virus germs every where, in the air, on the machines…. If I choose to jog, it’s hot as an oven at 7 am , which makes outdoor exercise a bit daunting. And mosquitos.

Wish me luck!

What’s working for you? How are you keeping fit and healthy in the new normal?

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