“Digestion, of all the bodily functions, is the one which exercises the greatest influence on the mental state of an individual.” Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Tummy troubles?
Up until recently I attributed an increase in digestive issues to pandemic anxiety and emotional eating. These may be features of a larger problem. Did you know that our emotions can cause or exacerbate potential illness? Researchers have suggested that gastrointestinal troubles may be linked with anxiety and depression.

We are all familiar with that feeling in the pit of the stomach, either from hearing bad news or the fear of it. We have had many opportunities to encounter such feelings in 2020! Some of us may be more sensitive then others but I think we could all benefit from a natural healing intervention.

Practicing aromatherapy has shown me how the human body and the earth, such as plants and herbs are connected in wellness. Plant essences are intrinsically responsive to dis-ease. Essential oils have compounds that naturally support emotional and physical wellness. In the case of digestive issues, I have been experiencing all manner of bowel symptoms and if I may be honest, a gassy existence, particularly at night (talk about strange bedfellows)! I have experienced Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) before but so many years ago that I am pretty sure I triggered it because of stress in 2020.

I am an energy healing practitioner. I have given myself a treatment in bed, as needed, to alleviate cramps and to help me sleep. However as my IBS symptoms increased, I decided to go to my wellness toolbox- essential oils. Essential oils inhaled as dispersed by a diffuser, enters the lungs, the bloodstream and the brain. Coriander, Frankincense and Clove Bud essential oils have chemical compounds that support digestive troubles. Spearmint essential oil has demonstrated healing affects on anxiety, depression and immune supporting benefits to prevent a response that leads to tummy troubles. I’m no doctor but it looks like science is saying what has been known for thousands of years- nature is Good Medicine!

Beauty from the inside out is a path to well-being. A ministry of wellness in every area of life.

I am feeling so much better lately. I created a diffuser blend with Coriander, Clove Bud and Frankincense which turned out great. It’s a very relaxing scent of warm spice, incense and herb. It has settled my stomach and surprisingly no gassy concertos in the last couple of nights! I’m working on a Spearmint blend next. Being a DoTerra Wellness Advocate allows me to purchase ethically sourced, high quality essential oils at up to 40% off retail! I have a well stocked wellness toolkit and I am confident that my clients are safe from chemicals and additives. Many of the so-called “essential oils” on the market are inorganic perfumes and toxins that smell pretty but can literally make you sick. Always read the ingredients before you purchase essential oils in stores.

If you are interested in learning more about using oils for your personal wellness or you would like to create your own wellness toolkit, please contact me! Aromatherapy has made such a difference in my mental health, my beauty and my life.

By the way, natural healing does not exclude seeking medical advice! Natural healing is a support along with the care of your doctor. My digestive episode has reminded me that I’m due for a colorectal screening. Yes, the dreaded colonoscopy! It is a requirement for ages 45 and up for cancer prevention. Growths, or polyps in the colon can lead to cancer.

Be proactive my friends!

Happy Wellness!

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