Life is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use. Charles M. Schulz

We are in the process of publishing my 1st book.
I feel excited and nervous. During the editing process of reading and reviewing, it feels as if the words were written by someone else, someone wiser. I think I had help! Perhaps the angel Raphael, the patron of healing, acted as my muse. Mind you, I was never taught to worship angels as a child but my Catholic upbringing made me aware of them, as God’s messengers. Certainly the context is Spirit led, in my humble opinion. Indeed, it was in the writing of this book that I found healing, from childhood hurts and traumatic experiences, some hidden in memory but Love brought them to the surface.. In the end, discovering beauty, from the inside out. Spirit, soul and body. It is my hope that sharing the simplicity of these principles in book form will have similar effect. The tenets that I describe are, to me, heaven sent. For my personal perspective on life in general has changed, dramatically. It is a simple list of ten tenets.

I described some of them when I began writing this blog in 2012. In a recent post, I touched on the 1st of these tenets, which is Prayer. Thankfully this powerful but simple communication led to a healing intervention that I had no idea I needed! It is amazing what you can forget under the influence of stress. That is how darkness works.
Well, once I shook the cobwebs out, I recalled the 2nd tenet, praise. One definition, is to express one’s respect and gratitude toward (a deity), especially in song.
Believe me, before my recent episode was given the healthy stamp of approval, I was already singing and giving thanks!

Why is praise so important?

I believe praise takes you to a higher dimension. Have you ever been listening to a song, a performance like an opera or a fabulous singer at a concert and you were taken away by it? Praise is like this, but it’s coming from your mouth. Your heartfelt words can change the atmosphere. Emotional, spiritual and physical changes can happen. I won’t go into the details of how this happens because I don’t know! I mention this just in case you thought I have it all figured out, I don’t. What I do know, is sincere praise is the key that turns the lock that opens the gates of the heavenly Gmail, so to speak. Praise creates a shift. Perhaps its biological energy, or “vibrational changes in the atmosphere”( Alien ‘79 fans, I couldn’t help it)! Something happens. Your attitude about the situation changes when you praise. Praise who? Praise The Lord! I get it if you are not religious, neither am I! However, I believe and that earnest belief has become an awareness, of the presence of God. Although many prefer the Universe, Source, Gaia or no Name at all, but you know the presence. Or you will, if you choose to open your heart. Alright, relax! This is not a come to Jesus moment (but we can go there, email me).

I was going on about praise right? There should be no surprise that praise gets a response. If someone tells you how much they love being around you, how thankful they are that you are in their life, and you discern how sincere their feelings are. What happens if you discover they have a need? What would you do? Even if you think you are a part of the Matrix, there’s a code that will cause you to respond. Someone greater created that code. Are you unlike your Creator? Fine, enough with the movie metaphors! I am a bit of a sci-fi nerd.

Try it out. Set a few minutes aside and say what’s in your heart. It doesn’t have to be spoken aloud. It’s whatever feels right to you. Then praise! Now this action is out loud, you must hear your words of thanksgiving and feel the song in your heart. Shy? Try singing along to joyful music playing. Avoid metal or rap, it’s too discordant and typically not very praiseworthy! Play something uplifting, that warms your soul.

It may click immediately or it may take a few occasions before you really get into it. Yet that river of life in your spirit will eventually overflow! Oftentimes people have built walls around their hearts, I did. We are often burdened by what people think. Sometimes it’s just plain unbelief. I figure if you can stomach the reality show world that we currently live in, taking your spirit on a trip to the heavens should be a cinch! No pressure. Although, many know this experience I describe. However we don’t fully engage. This is the difference that is necessary for the times ahead.


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