See with a different eye, visualize with a colorful mind, manifest your thoughts with the energy within. Michael Bassey Johnson

Tenet #3 Practicing the presence of God.

Isn’t it funny how our perspectives change the more we see or understand? Ever been quite certain of something or held a particular belief, only to find that you were completely off once you were given more information about it?
We are like this with ourselves. We make our plans, put them in action and seek to make them happen. However, there is a spiritual aspect that we often miss once things are underway. Check in. Checking in with the Holy Spirit within you. There are these little things, some call them prompts or reminders in the spirit that guide us beyond the plan we have set, to the highest and best of what we desire. We can miss these nuances because we tend to put ourselves first in the matter. We are too busy trying to shed the old baggage of shame, guilt and rejection, so we can prove them all wrong!

For example, in 2012, I wrote a draft of the experiences of my transformation into 10 tenets because I was instructed in a dream to “write about it”. Besides everyone who knew me could see there was a change, inside and out! I wrote the 1st tenet as prayer, followed by praise and the 3rd tenet purity , with practicing the presence of God as the 4th tenet. These tenets or principles became known to me while studying the Book of Esther in the Bible. Hadassah, later to become Esther, was taken from her home to be groomed as possible queen in an ancient version of the Bachelor. Preparations were 12 months long and the 1st 6 months included being rubbed down with oil of Myrrh. Myrrh is purifying. It was also used to prepare the dead. In my experience, I feel that purification led to a greater communication with the spirit of God within. It was something I actively pursued for myself or so I thought.

Prayer and Praise had opened my heart and I became more spiritually discerning as well. I began to distance myself from contrary things, avoiding negative communications and associations. I began to thirst for God, seeking union in the spirit of contemplation, it was amazing! Yet I have fallen away. Living in 2020 has encouraged me to take up the tenets again and finally publish. This time, I discovered it was God’s presence that helped my vision, to see my impurity and empowering me to make changes. Through prayer and praise, I feel the presence of God in my life. It is the presence of God that increases my vision to see myself and who I am meant to be. By spending time, practicing the presence, the impurities are revealed but you are protected. You can face them in the presence of Love.

““I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”
‭‭John‬ ‭15:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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