Who wants to live forever? Forever is our today. Who waits forever anyway? Queen.


Helichrysum essential oil has been a personal favorite of mine since, oh maybe my 35th birthday. Why? Well, the ancient name of this lovely yellow flower says it all, “Immortelle”! Its petals and essential oil have been used in medicine for thousands of years. These flowers last in full bloom for a long time, which is probably why the ancestors were attracted to them. Vitality, youth and beauty are always in style.

My favorite body oil recipe is Helichrysum essential oil in a blend of coconut and jojoba oil for after shower in the morning as a toning tonic. Lately, I’ve been making use of the aromatic properties of Helichrysum essential oil in my custom diffuser blends for clients recovering from COVID-19. Helichrysum is known to help with post-viral fatigue. It also helps reduce inflammation, to prevent coughs and ease breathing.

Essential oil therapies are especially interesting for those who desire natural healing options for self-care and wellness. It’s wise to have a little arsenal of natural weapons against disease and aging. Anti-aging? That’s right, hence the name immortelle. The special properties that ensure the long lasting bloom of the helichrysum flower are the very ingredients found in the essential fluid. That means a longer lasting bloom for those of us “flowers” who could use an extra boost of youthful glow, along with firm skin and healthy tone.

Yarrow is also famous for youthful longevity. DoTerra has a new body serum with Yarrow and Pomegranate that I am using as a nighttime body treatment. I am currently losing the lockdown/quarantine weight, keeping my skin firm and tight is high priority! I am definitely going to hit the beach in Summer 2021! Hopefully all will be well. Prayers and fingers crossed, we need all the wellness we can get in the coming year! I’ll share my findings on the Yarrow Pom Body Serum on the next Wellness Wednesday. So far, my skin is looking pretty smooth indeed.

Blessings and Happy 2021 my Beauties!

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