“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”. Hippocrates

The healing is within us.

The restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic has limited the opportunity for me to work with clients but it hasn’t stopped me from working on myself! One thing that has been absolutely positive about the 2020 experience is the available time to focus on what matters; Health and wellbeing.

I had gained substantially more than the “quarantine 15” that many people acquired during the various public health lockdowns and I have been struggling to lose the weight. I did tweak my intermittent fasting routine to 2 days of 24 hour fasting each week and found that it helped shift my stress eating response into low gear even though the world was still going crazy. However, weight loss was a slow trickle.

I began to use the extra time to meditate on loving my body, especially my belly! Stress eating = fat, sloppy belly! I used energy healing techniques, such as placing my hands at my solar plexus and speaking kind words to my body. I said things like, “We are safe”, “We are protected” and “We are loved”. I use “we” because human beings are made up of spirit and soul, living in a fleshly vessel.

Well, within days of doing this extra step, my belly weight shifted! My clothing has begun to fall more attractively around my curves and my face is less puffy.

I am an energy healing practitioner, so I understand the impact of blocked energy pathways. What surprised me in this instance is the immediate response of my physical body! It responded to my words of encouragement and love. The placement of my hands at the Solar Plexus is purposeful as it is the center of wellbeing. In Sanskrit, Manipura, translated “city of jewels”. The Solar Plexus is the seat of personal power and ego.

Being overweight is more than eating and drinking.

Loving ourselves is more than lip service.

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