“The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surrounding”. Kakuzo Okakura


On a positive note, how much has your life changed FOR GOOD in the New Normal?

What new skill or talent have you acquired? Who have you had the chance to get to know a little better?

How many times have you surprised yourself about yourself this past year? Like, how awesomely resilient you are?

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and others in 2020. Social distancing has created an opportunity for much needed space from toxic situations, such as in the workplace, among others. Yet it has put things on the home front smack dab in our faces! Some might say “What’s positive about that”?!

You may see things more clearly. You may have already discovered there is more understanding and consideration than you realized. Or it’s time to make a serious move…. Either case, life is new. You have all the tools to make the best of it. Faith in yourself. Faith in possibility. Faith in the future that lies ahead.

Thrive, wherever this day finds you!

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