“What is the scent of water? Renewal. The goodness of God coming down like dew”. Elizabeth Goudge


I complete a fast every New Year [Gregorian calendar] in February. January always seems to hold remnant energies from the previous year, so I tend to let the month run its course while making any last minute changes to my plans for the year ahead. The full moon on January 28 brought an unexpected swell of energy that I sensed before realizing what was afoot. Those of you who are sensitive to such things may have noticed it as well.

Where am I going with this?

2020 is done. It was fraught with anxious troubles but it brought some good things too. Many people had an opportunity to make positive life changes with all the social distancing and lockdown in our homes. So much of what we took for granted has shifted since the coronavirus came on the scene. For example, no more birthday cake candle blowing!

This last day of January, a salt bath is appropriate, maybe even necessary. Salt will disperse the residue energies of 2020 that remain in your auric field. Believe me, I know I may be coming out of left field with this suggestion but hear me out!

Saturday, I was prompted to wake early and set out on a fresh air drive at sunrise. Now that isn’t my norm but I didn’t think much about it until I found myself heading to the beach! Me and my Dunkin’ Donuts Macchiato with Oat milk, sitting on the hood of my car ( way too many people milling about mask free for me), taking it all in. Then, after a few cleansing breaths, I realized my spirit had guided me to start the pre-cleansing process.

The 1st full moon of 2021 had created an energy shift and the salt air in my lungs was cleansing any remaining cobwebs from the year that was and wasn’t. That’s when I thought of the salt bath! There are some who perform full moon ritual baths, which I’m not against, I guess I’m not that deep…. However, I will follow guided inspiration. I feel I was spiritually guided by my higher self and/or the Holy Spirit to the beach on Saturday morning to be physically and psychically reminded of the cleansing power of salt.

I do not think this inspiration is for me alone, so I share it with you, dear reader.

Salt Bath

1 cup of *Mineral Salt

*Dead Sea, Epsom Salt.

Add 3 -6 drops of **Lavender essential oil.

4 drops **Clary Sage

Pour mixture in running bath and allow mixture to disperse. Water should be warm enough to be comfortable but not hot.

** Choose the essential oil that you are drawn to, the fragrance that lifts your spirit. Essential oils are potent, 7 drops max in this case. You do not want to overwhelm yourself.

Burn a candle or simply let the sunlight in if you have nearby windows.


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