“Let today be the day that you give up who you have been, for who you can become”. Unknown

I am reminded at times like these how everything is connected.

I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools growing up. As a young adult, I moved on to nondenominational Christian churches, Messianic Judaism and mysticism. Nonetheless, it is always the Spirit that leads.

I mention these things because until recently, I have never connected the fact that my desire to fast happens to fall around the season of Lent, every year. For which the start of the fast is today, Ash Wednesday is The holy fasting day.

At first, I thought this might be a product of religious brainwashing as a child, that I desired to fast because it was my little Catholic girl training being activated, without my realizing it!

No, God is not in a box.

The things of the spirit are everlasting. The energy of many, many praying souls, turning their plates away and turning inward, to feast on the nature of God and resurrection of Christ is bigger than religious convention. Perhaps the reason why the Catholic Church Fathers chose this time of year is bigger than the idea of the biblical days leading up to Christ’s resurrection? Bigger? How so, you may be wondering.

In the past weeks, I have noticed quite a few fasts or detoxes being promoted on social media also. Most are without spiritual or religious reasons. Some are simply fasts for resting the body or emotional healing from a tumultuous year.

This is not random.

There is a call in the earth apparently. Each of us hearing in our own language or spiritual tongue, to think soberly, yet lovingly toward our inner self and to GOD. To come higher.

At least, that is how it appears to me.

Let’s do this then! Let us receive the energy that is available to us right now, in this season. For 14 days, let us listen to our hearts, turn away our plates and make room for the newness of life to come!

**I’ll publish the juicing and essential oil recipes that I promised next post.


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