..It’s a new life, for me. And I’m feeling good!

21 Day So Beautiful Am I!

2 weeks in and this has been a fantastic time of health and wellbeing!

The 1st week was well spent, simply creating (or ordering) vegan dishes and drinking lots of water. One of my customers outside of the U.S. emailed a few vegan recipes that she had prepared for her family – Curried potatoes and green peas is my favorite! Thank you Sithu, for connecting with me and joining the 21 Day SoBeMi Fast!

To date, I have lost 10 lbs and my fat belly is far less ‘ho ho ho! It’s shameful but I have only myself to blame. To be fair, I must assign some of the blame to Uber Eats. They should message you when you’ve reached a significant number of orders with French fries or rice! I’m not trying to cut in on their profit- a simple “Orders with white foods are forbidden until further notice” would’ve helped a lot!

The second week of fasting has been a breeze. I believe that jump-starting this juice fast by taking the time to eat clean, vegan dishes and drinking only water, made a difference in adjusting to the no-food phase. There are so many chemicals in our foods today, going cold turkey and drinking only juice right away would have been hazardous- like a Hangry version of Jason in Halloween!

My favorite Green Juice Recipe:

2 Green Apples

1 large Cucumber

8-10 stalks of Celery

1/2 cup of Spinach

1/4 cup of Pineapple

1 cup Purified Water

1/2 Lemon (juice only)

Add to blender or juicer.

If you’re using a blender, simply pour mixture into a strainer over a large bowl or pour mixture into nut milk bag- for juice only. I like the fiber, so I simply add a bit more water to the finished product. It’s filling and yummy!

No headaches or hunger pains to speak of- thank goodness! Of course, diffusing Ginger and Wild Orange essential oils worked like a charm! Wild Orange supported my emotional health. Orange essential oil is known to promote happiness and good vibes. Ginger is great for energy and digestive support.

Typically, I will use at least three different essential oils for a diffuser blend- I’ll leave the 3rd (middle note) for you to choose on your own! The middle note pulls the fragrance together for a singular aroma. The end result should be your personal blend.

How about you?

Are you feeling good?!

Please let me hear from you!


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