Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

I may have neglected to mention…

Fasting can also be an emotional experience. Once the food stored is depleted and the toxins are removed, the things masked, such as hidden emotions or thoughts, will float to the surface. This is the time to pay close attention to our personal activities.

Prayer and meditation are the chief components to a successful fast.

For example, at the beginning of #21daysobeautifulmi was the pre-fast. Here, we had vegetarian options and tasty vegan dishes to support the transition into a fasting. Not much drama here. The following week, smoothies and purées, helped moved things along in the cleansing process. Literally. Still pretty chill vibes, right?

The last week, the formal Juice Fast is different. We are consuming fluids. There is little excitement for juice blends after a couple of days. If you’re a foodie, it can be especially boring, which frees your mind to wander, focusing on other things.

This is when you must incorporate rest and prayer.

Without tasty food and other distractions, we are more aware of our feelings and may be more sensitive than usual. It’s a good idea to take care in what we view on television or other entertainment. Needless to say but we can become somewhat touchy.

However, this is a good thing!

Here is when revelations and ideas began to form. Listen to the voice of your spirit, she’s been waiting for this opportunity. In this state, we are more likely to pay attention. Take the time to feed on the meat of the word of God.

It’s not like we have anything else to munch on!

Be blessed.

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