“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” Aldous Huxley

The practice of well-being is something that grows on you. Especially if it is the opposite of your previous life experience!

What do I mean by the “practice of well-being?

Well-being is defined as the state of being happy, healthy and/or prosperous. Merriam-Webster [italics are mine].

That being said, it is relative to the individual to some degree. My happy may not be the same as your happy, or prosperous, etc.. However, in terms of living a balanced life where all these things taken together help one to live fearlessly, to awaken with joy in the heart and purposeful ideals in mind(as opposed to fear and loathing at break of day), this is a solid middle ground for all to share.

It is important to consider your expectation.

Big picture vs. every day.

How does the everyday tie in to your big picture? Where there are huge gaps between the two, leads to stress and anxiety. This is why it is so important to write things down. Personally, I think journaling is like having a psychology degree on your self! Going back over your journal from previous weeks or perhaps a year before can really help keep things in perspective and allows you to check yourself, for progress. This process can also remind you of where you were headed originally, as life can easily get off track.

Journaling does not require a full page of thoughts either. You may have a few points to consider in your mind, these are important as well. Your Higher Self may have sent a spiritual text message while you were sleeping. This is why I keep pen and paper on my nightstand! I cannot count how many times I have scribbled something down upon waking and found it to be useful for the day or days ahead.

You’re not a writer? Record yourself on your phone! Not for TikTok, just for you.

My point is, do not miss the moments. Everything is connected in this universe although we do not often realize it. The practice of well-being relies on our state of mind. Our thinking determines our future and our present. The ability to attract what we want for our lives is dependent on the nature of our thoughts. Heavy thoughts will weigh us down, if we let them.

Practice makes perfect.

Call on God, but row away from the rocks.

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