“Can we talk”? Joan Rivers

I have been migrating between “I want to be alone” and “Why am I so lonely” for about 2 weeks now!

I lift my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?

My help comes from The Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Psalm 121:1-2.

Sandalwood essential oil has been a strong support during my workday as of late. It is my go-to base note for my diffuser blends when my emotional well-being is in see-saw mode. I am surprised I still have oil in the bottle!

Also, getting sunshine in your face works wonders-especially if you work from home! Take a 15 minute break near a window where the Sun is streaming and drink in plenty of Vitamin D. This has a wonderful effect on your mood.

Do not placate these uneven feelings with food or alcohol. Trust me, I have been sooo tempted to binge out! I remind myself how depressed I’ll be when the carb high goes away- so far that has stopped me from going on a midnight run to try out McDonald’s latest chicken sandwich or Sonics Peppermint Oreo shake!!!

I’m holding it together….

We must always remember that darkness doesn’t take vacations. The enemy of our souls isn’t a snowbird on a sunny island somewhere! That energy is at its height when the world around us is uneasy. Always looking for an entry point.

Yes, some of what we are experiencing is the nature of the world around us; COVID-19, bills, worries about the welfare of our loved ones, etc.

But do not be fooled. Darkness is not on a holiday. Remain vigilant and stay in prayer.

Prayer without ceasing is simply keeping the song of your spirit singing in the midst of uncertainty.

Faith in The Lord is a strong tower where we may run for shelter as needed.

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