“I regret taking such good care of my skin”-Said No One Ever!

Yes, even in the middle of a pandemic, Summer is coming!!!

We are all working on our health these days, be it healthier meal planning, drinking more water, wearing a mask, better fitness, emotional well-being, etc. How about caring for the skin we’re in?

I think many times we take this step for granted. Facial skin care is probably near the top of the self care list but what about our wardrobe? You know, the skin that we wear every day!

I am pretty consistent when it comes to emotional well-being- I love to share essential oil recipes on Meditation Monday, but what about body wellness?

There are plenty of natural skincare recipes available on the internet that utilize essential oils and often various carrier oils are suggested; jojoba oil, almond oil and the like. Lovely. Except, there are those times we may not be into blending at this level or perhaps it is a bit time consuming to mix, measure, select an appropriate oil-safe bottle…I get it.

Beautiful Body Mix

This morning, after stepping out of the shower, I grabbed my lotion tube for a squeeze to mix with 3 drops of Geranium , 4 drops of Helichrysum and poof – I was dressed and ready to go pick up coffee and a smoothie.

That’s when I thought, well how easy is that?! I have never mentioned having an absolutely fragrance-free creamy lotion with all the best skin loving ingredients hanging in my shower caddy!

Sure, there are the -Self Care Saturday vibes -when you want to use the organic carrier oils that you purchased from a fancy Vegan boutique to mix your latest goddess blend while speaking a few affirmations before pouring your creation into a pretty glass container. There are also times when you’re trying to get out of the house as quickly as you can, yet you wish you could keep up with your plans for “Body Beautiful” without having to wait 10 minutes for the oil to absorb before you can get dressed!!!

Well, hear is your answer. Easy Peasy.

You’re welcome!

Click contact in the menu above. You’ll find my DoTerra shop link to order. The Spa kit is a great deal! It includes the Body lotion and a fantastic light citrus body wash.

You’ll love it!!!

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