There is a sabbath rest.

“Therefore since it still remains for some to enter that rest, and since those who formerly had the good news proclaimed to them did not go in because of their disobedience, God again set a certain day, calling it “Today”.

Hebrews 4:6-7.

Am I (are you) seeking, asking, worrying and planning while the answer or that “great work” lies within our grasp, yet we do not comprehend it?

The above scripture came to mind as I lay snuggled in my bed, enjoying the late afternoon sunlight streaming through my window. I was feeling somewhat guilty that I was not doing something. Surely I should be working my side hustle, completing my homework or at the least housekeeping!

I considered this random thought for a moment. Then, I decided I needed to research the scriptures because, God, what’s that supposed to mean?

In short, it’s about having confidence in the faith that we profess. That is, what we believe and our commitment to that belief. For example, if I say I believe God and the power of Christ and His anointing working in and through me; then no amount of spinning and weaving in my mind, or physical application will be greater than that which I already possess. Crazy right?

This is not to say, do nothing!

However, I perceive that it is already available. Manifestation or access from the spiritual into my “today” is subject to my entering into this rest.

The description that comes to mind is from the 70’s television series, Star Trek. In the ship’s commissary, one could enter a few details on a key pad of what looked like a microwave oven- wait a few seconds, and whatever dish you desired would appear- ready to eat!

Food Replicator

Why this analogy? Well, I am a foodie, first of all!

Can I go deeper?

After publishing this yesterday, I decided to go to a new BBQ restaurant for dinner because I had been given a gift card. However, let me take you back a bit, to the previous Holy Week. Beef Brisket is a popular holiday dish, especially for Passover. I had thought about having some but the way my diet is set up…I had to put it off for another time. But I still desired it!

Last night, I arrive at the restaurant pick up point, where they bring your pre-ordered meal to your car. I gave my name to the server, mentioned I had ordered the Chicken and Ribs platter and she went to retrieve my meal. As I waited in my car, another server comes out, says “Shaun”? I nod and she hands me my meal. Of course I always check the bag before driving off. Guess what I find inside?

Yes sir, Beef Brisket!!!

Now, I had told the 1st server exactly what I had ordered, but apparently I had previously dialed brisket in the spiritual replicator and my order was ready! But wait it gets better! I call the server over, she takes the brisket bag to the pick up window and I hear the cashier say, “Oh, there must be another Shaun who ordered brisket”. (Really?) The cashier gives the server another bag, with my chicken & ribs order and tells the server to throw the beef brisket order away!

Not on my watch!!! I gently yell out the window, “girl bring me that bag!

COVID-19 rules applied, I breathed on it so it was already claimed! I drove away with my pre-paid online order And my spiritually downloaded order, gratis. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

I have spent the past 12 hours minus sleeping, trying to go over the steps of how I sent that brisket order out last week!

We must desire the thing. Yet, without stressing about it, or detailing the specific outcome, perhaps.


Be blessed.

P.S. I gave a little extra tip to that server. Cannot have the angels thinking I don’t respect their workers.

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