“Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts”. Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

So Beautiful Ministries International began as a journey of healing. Facets of my personal story are throughout this blog, so I won’t go into it here. However, it’s now 10 years along and I’m still uncovering phenomenal things on the path of well-being!

I am an energy healing practitioner. In 2017, I flew to Kapaa, HI to study with a Reiki Master. I believe I may have been attuned to Reiki many years before this occasion. Around 2008, I experienced an odd dream. A vision appeared of the kanji symbol for healer and hung over my head, then melted into my forehead. Exactly! It was a strange dream but very intriguing. At the time, I could not recall what the symbol was but I realized it was a Chinese letter. I did some research but not knowing where to look, I discovered only bits and pieces in Oriental Medicine books yet none led to Reiki.

During this time, I had a job as a travel consultant with a sketchy timeshare company. They employed money hungry individuals from all walks of life. I was money hungry as well but it took some time getting used to working among, educators, ex-cons, recently rehabilitated drug addicts and college students… a murky mix at best. I mention this because of what happened the morning after my dream. As I was waiting at the printer, I began chatting with a coworker about my odd dream. I hear a woman behind me say, “That was Reiki that you saw in your dream”. I turn around and there’s this kindly looking hippie chick (typecast Jesus Christ Superstar). Right then I remember in the early 90’s I had happened upon a book on Reiki in an old West Texas library but I had forgotten about it. Hippie Chick begins to share her Reiki understanding and what she thought my dream meant. Then she smiles and says “ I can give it to you”.

Now, I recalled that one had to be attuned by a Reiki Master (which at the time made me think it was too trippy for my taste). I asked if she was a master, she said no, then closed her eyes did a few hand movements and said “There, you’ve got it”! My response? “Okayy..”? Just then the printer pops out my document and I go back to my desk. That night, I went home and searched the internet where I came across the Reiki symbols. The Power symbol seemed to jump from the computer screen and into my forehead, but this time I wasn’t dreaming.

I returned to work the next day, looking for my new hippie friend, to share what happened on my internet search, but she never returned. This was not an unusual occurrence at this company but it is odd that I never saw her again.

For weeks, I continued my research on this experience which led me to discover that at the time there were Catholic nuns praying and practicing energy healing in various parts of the United States but the Bishops were against it. It was a big deal. This left me a bit confused. On the one hand, I know how powerful men react when women also use their power (think medieval healers, the medical profession and witch trials). On the other hand, I was raised Catholic and taught to stay in my spiritual lane, and this is what I did. For awhile.

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