Hello there!  Let me tell you a bit about myself;

I am a wellness educator,  foodie, spirit warrior, inspired writer, health entrepreneur, a Beauty  Evangelist , if you will.

This blog started as a personal journey of discovery and has evolved  to become a Ministry of Beauty.

You see, the spirit life of a person makes a difference in everything, especially beauty. Beauty is more than cosmetics and looking good.  Beauty is from the inside, out.

Over many years I have sought after education and experiences to assist my personal growth in beauty and wellness.  From Fashion Stylist to Make-Up Artist, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Aromatherapist to Healing Practitioner; Health Educator to Public Health Advocate, Author and Inspired Speaker.

My findings?  It is your heart, the voice of  Spirit on the inside and your response that transmits the True Beauty ……And all these “other” things will be added besides!

My mission as a Beauty Evangelist  is to share my knowledge and expertise, along with expanding  your mind.  I hope to enhance, empower and inspire your life!

So Beautiful Ministries International’s mission is to help you discover Beauty from the inside out!

Many Blessings


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