Hello there!  Let me tell you a bit about myself;

I am a wellness educator,  foodie, spirit warrior, inspired writer, health entrepreneur, a Beauty  Evangelist , if you will.

This blog started as a personal journey of discovery and has evolved  to become a Ministry of Beauty.

You see, the spirit life of a person makes a difference in everything, especially beauty. Beauty is more than cosmetics and looking good.  Beauty is from the inside, out.

Over many years I have sought after education and experiences to assist my personal growth in beauty and wellness.  From Fashion Stylist to Make-Up Artist, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Aromatherapist to Reiki Practitioner, Prayer/Energy Healer.

My findings?  It is your heart, your Spirit, the You on the inside,  that determines the True Beauty.   Everything else is extra!

My work as a Beauty Evangelist  is to share my knowledge and expertise, along with expanding  your mind.  I hope to enhance, empower and inspire your life!

So Beautiful Ministries International’s mission is to help you discover Beauty from the inside out!

Many Blessings


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