Hello there!

What is So Beautiful Ministries International all about?

This blog began as a personal journal of discovery, to share my insights and experiences as a “minister of beauty”. My career began in the fashion industry as a stylist but I have always had a special love for cosmetics and beauty. My West Indian grandmother would create hair treatments, skin salves and other beauty concoctions, using the fresh herbs from her garden. Seeing the transformative power of beauty captured my heart, which led me to become a professional Make-Up Artist and licensed Aesthetician.

I loved my career!

Then, one day, BOOM! I had a health crisis. Hidden within this event were the seeds of transformation. Some call it spiritual awakening, but whatever the name, it was my undoing. The Holy Spirit came in and I began to see that the beauty I was seeking to create was superficial. There was true Beauty to be found in relationship with God. I had attended church all my life but this inspiration was different. A divine mystery. Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

We are spiritual beings.
The thoughts and feelings that we carry inside, from our childhood or past traumas; these hidden emotions can and will impact your entire life. Eventually what lies beneath works its way to the surface-Wham! Through prayer and natural healing, I discovered an intimacy with Spirit that transformed my life.

Over the years, through this spiritual practice, I’ve learned a few things.

The words that I share herein are meant to be informative, thought provoking and inspiring. Healing emotions and energetic blocks leads to a healthier and happier wellbeing; to empower you to discover Beauty from the inside out!


Madame Shaun

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