Hello there!

So, who am I and what’s it all about?

I am a wellness practitioner, foodie, prayer warrior, inspired writer, publisher, ordained minister, social advocate and promoter of well -being!

This space began as a journey of discovery.   After encountering a personal health crisis, I was guided to seek a path of healing and growth.  Some call it enlightenment or awakening.

We are spiritual beings.
The thoughts and feelings that you carry inside, can and will impact your entire life.  What begins on the inside eventually works its way to the surface.  Bam!

Thankfully, I found my way back to health and happiness!  My inner life, my spirit, led the way.

After many years of professional experiences, academic study and personal growth, I’ve learned a few things.

These things I will share to hopefully shine a light in your life that leads you to more love, more health and more happiness.


Madame Shaun

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